I find inspiration in the world around me and gravitate toward painting the people, places, and objects that I encounter. It often isn’t just the place or thing that I try to capture; rather I hope to convey a relatable moment in life. Children running and twirling and playing, the companionship we find in animals, the many paths we find ourselves upon - I attempt to recreate those experiences in ways that viewers can relate.

Likewise, I am enamored with the idea of painting portraits of animals and objects. I try to capture the likeness of beloved pets, trees, even my family’s farm tractors. These common things can take on human qualities and inspire emotion in ourselves – love and companionship, familiarity and belonging, accomplishment, frustration, loss, nostalgia. Creating their portraits allows me to give them an importance beyond being mere objects lost in the landscape or furry sidekicks at our feet.

I most often paint in my studio with oil on stretched canvas and piles of inspiration from family vacations, neighborhood walks, and everyday life surrounding me.

Memberships and Positions:

Del Ray Artisans (DRA), Alexandria, Virginia

Coordinator of the DRA Gallery Without Walls (GWW) Program

Curator for DRA GWW shows at the VCA Alexandria Animal Hospital

The Art League, Alexandria, Virginia