If you have an idea for a painting, whether specific or general, and you would like me to paint it for you, please contact me - I'd be more than happy to talk with you about your ideas and options for making it a reality. 

In general, I use pictures and photographs as my guide while painting, but it doesn't have to be exactly as you want it on the canvas.  I adjust layout, color, lighting, etc as necessary to make it interesting and meaningful to you.  A photo (or several photos) similar to what you want is a helpful place for me to start.

I begin each painting with one or more "sketches", which I will talk with you about to be sure I understand your idea and have a good plan.  Then, as I work on the painting, I will keep you updated with progress-pictures (through email) or viewings (if you are local).  This way we can ensure the piece is as close to being what you want as I can get it when it is finished. 

You can request a painting similar to one I have done before, or you can suggest something completely new.  If I don't think I am able to paint what you want, I'll let you know.  But I'm pretty open to new challenges, so don't hesitate to ask.  For example, if you decided you wanted a painting of a child running or twirling or playing at the beach (similar to the paintings in my Children at Play collection), you could email a few pictures of them running or sitting or spinning, indicate details like setting, colors, and size of painting you want.  On the other hand, if you have a particular landscape that you want painted, whether exactly as you've taken it with the camera or just an idea or memory in your mind, I can work with that too.  Please take a look at other landscapes I have done to get an idea of my painting style.  Of course it doesn't have to be a figure or landscape painting.  If you have another idea (animal, object, abstract, etc), just let me know!

Pricing of your commissioned painting will be determined by the size of the canvas at a rate of $0.75 per square inch.  Some examples of cost for different canvas sizes (in inches) are as follows:

$81 for 9x12

$108 for 12x12

$240 for 16x20

$360 for 20x24

$540 for 24x30

$648 for 24x36

$900 for 30x40

There are many other size options, of course.  In choosing a size, you will want to consider the level of detail you want in the painting, if you will be framing it or not, and where you plan to hang it in your home.  More challenging or complicated paintings may require more time for me to create and therefore will cost more.  This is rare, and I will be upfront about any additional costs so that we both know what to expect before beginning the painting.  Half of the final cost of the painting will be due when I begin working on the canvas and the remaining balance will be due upon delivery.

Contact me at HokeilenArt@gmail.com - I look forward to getting stared on your commissioned painting!